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Book Blast - THE UNLIKEABLE DEMON HUNTER: CRAVE #uf #paranormal #giveaway via @goddessfish @wildeauthor

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What doesn’t kill you...

seriously messes with your love life.

Nava is happily settling into her new relationship and life is all giddy joy and stolen kisses.

Except when it’s assassins. Talk about a mood killer.

She and Rohan are tracking the unlikely partnership between the Brotherhood and a witch who can bind demons, but every new piece of the puzzle is leaving them with more questions than answers.

And someone doesn’t appreciate them getting close to the truth.

Go figure.

On top of that, a demon known only as Candyman has unleashed a drug that’s harming users in extremely disturbing ways.

After a friend of Nava’s is hurt, she vows to take this demon down. But will life as she knows it survive this mission, or will this be the one time she should have looked before she leapt?

Happily-ever-after: barring death, she’s got a real shot at it.

Read an Excerpt:

“I love home delivery.” Malik lounged in his doorway, eyeing me the way the wolf must have with the three little pigs. His British accent was pure sin.

“I love your arrogance that you didn’t bother moving after I almost killed you.”

He laughed, flashing straight white teeth against his bronze skin. He was still the only being I’d ever met who could pull off a Caesar cut, and was still the stuff of billionaire romance cover fantasies in his soft gray trousers that were artfully tailored to the hard lines of his body and navy shirt, carelessly folded back at the cuffs. “Oh, petal. I’d say I missed you, but I didn’t. Now, unless you brought the more interesting twin?” He peered into the hallway. “No?”

He shut the door, but I stuffed my foot in to block it. Not like he politely stopped trying to close it. “Ow.” I pushed my shoulder into the door to keep my poor bones from breaking. “If you weren’t wondering why I was here, you wouldn’t have let security buzz me up or let my toes cross the wards I’m sure you’ve got strung across this door.”

“Ten seconds.”

“That’s not–”

“Five, four…”

“Demons are being bound.” I rushed my words as he made a buzzing noise.

Malik yanked me inside by my collar and slammed the door.

I wrenched free.

His penthouse apartment hadn’t changed. Still to-die-for sweeping views of the city, a massive glass wine storage unit in the open concept space, and a loft bedroom. He pointed at one of the leather sofas, custom made to hug the curved walls. “Sit and talk.”

About the Author:
A global wanderer, hopeless romantic, and total cynic with a broken edit button, Deborah writes urban fantasy to satisfy her love of smexy romances and tales of chicks who kick ass. This award-winning author is all about the happily-ever-after, with a huge dose of hilarity along the way. “It takes a bad girl to fight evil. Go Wilde.”

Website: http://www.deborahwilde.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wildeauthor Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeborahWildeAuthor/

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Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0784674R3
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0784674R3

NOTE: This title is discounted for up to 60% until midnight February 26 and the entire series is on sale until then as well.

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May The Fourth Be With Me... #SFRGalaxyAward #scifirom

It seems the title for my latest release has been even more appropriate than I ever thought. Not only was Unexpected a surprise (and my only) release of 2017, having originally been intended as an anthology submission, but just this week it won a SFR Galaxy Award for one of the best and most interesting aliens, and my fourth award since they began. I'm so chuffed! Of course I love my first contact romance novella and my two MCs, but there's nothing like the buzz of knowing someone else loved them too, and enough to list them as one of their standout reads of the year.
The SFR Galaxy Awards have been running for six years now, recognizing not just science fiction romance books, but also films, TV shows and computer games in that time. There's no open entry - the judges are entirely free to pick anything they feel has really impressed them in the genre of SciFi Romance, regardless of what media form it takes. You can find out more about the awards and the judges involved by clicking HERE.

Unexpected is mentioned HERE (and I'm in fantastic company!), but you can check out the book itself by clicking any of the links under the cover image on the right hand side of this blog, or visiting the webpage HERE.

Unexpected: An Alien Romance
Love can come when it’s least expected...
When an injured alien crashes on her planet, Soraya follows her instinct to repair and restore it despite the challenge of their differing physiology. But as she gets closer to her patient and he recovers, Soraya confronts a whole new form of existence...and a desire that could destroy her completely.
Yoran chose exile in order to release the woman he thought his soulmate from a marriage contract she had no wish to fulfill, and almost paid for it with his life. Now he finds himself drawn to his alien savior. But how can he ask her to give up the only existence she knows when he’s already suffered the consequences of such a sacrifice himself?
A First Contact Science Fiction Romance novella. Available in all ebook formats from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Apple.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Blog Tour: Into the Air by A.K. Downing #YA #scifi #postapoc #giveaway @yaboundtourspr @akdowning111

Into the Air
by A.K. Downing
Genre: YA Sci-fi/Fantasy
Release Date: August 2017


When Mia Bryn escapes her underground compound and travels into the air, she never imagines her world will explode. Separated from her father and attacked by creatures she never knew existed, Mia flees into the forest. Within hours, she finds an abandoned girl, discovers a link to her missing mother, and meets beautiful, golden-eyed Archer. But why is an ordinary girl from a compound being hunted? And how can Mia survive in a world she knows nothing about?

Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Will be FREE on Kindle from January 11-13!

As the sun set, it took with it the hope of a meal. Long shadows draped across the ground and my level of anxiety increased. All around us nocturnal life awakened, but I locked my jaw and marched forward, stumbling over ground that so desperately want to slow me down.
And then the woods turned completely dark. Too dark to travel further. I stopped and leaned against a tree. The bark clawed at my shoulder and an owl called from overhead. I wiped sweat from my brow and listened to my stomach growling. No food left. Water was gone. I realized if I allowed myself, if I gave myself permission, I could easily crumble apart like the leaves beneath my feet. I knew I had to hold myself together. I had made a promise to keep Ezra safe. As important a promise as I’d ever made.
“We need to stop, Ezra,” I whispered.
“How about there?” Ezra pointed to a dense group of bushes.
I was exhausted, goose-bumped, the weight of my pack made me list to one side. I nodded. It was as good a place as any. I ushered Ezra under the branches and followed her into the darkness. The ground was damp. Something rustled a few feet away and I jumped. We sat hunched under the branches together, staring at the leaves. I dug out the last bit of dried ration in my pack and offered it to Ezra. It was only a mouthful, gone in seconds, with no water to wash it down. But I could imagine how it tasted. How it felt to have a morsel filling the hollowness.

Instead, I fed off my worry which sat sour and thick in my stomach. I had never felt so incapable. In the compound, I was self-sufficient. I gathered our rations. I cleaned our clothes. I held a job at the garden and finished my assignments on time. Here…well, there was no control. In fact, I had no idea how to find water, how to gather food. Cowering under this shrub, I felt like a fish stranded on shore – completely out of my element, gasping for air – and I knew if I hadn’t been able to scrounge a morsel to eat today, what would day two look like? Day five?

About the Author
A.K. Downing's young-adult novel, Into the Air, is a 2017 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the story follows the adventure of teenager Mia Bryn as she leaves the safety of her underground compound and tries to survive in a world no one has inhabited for more than a hundred years.

Growing up in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania, Aimee spent her summers exploring the fields, woods, and orchards of her grandparents' farm. She was inspired by prepper shows and survivalist websites to create a story that weaves together the best aspects of young adult fiction – adventure, teenage angst, and a hint of romance.

Aimee studied graphic design at Kent State University and currently works as a Creative Director. She enjoys history and camping and feels there is no better way to see the world than from the top of a horse. 

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